Carbon neutral solutions for

Residential and Commercial buildings

Michael R. Scotch

Extruded Aluminium Roofing Panels with

integrated solar energy production

Our concept was to turn the roof or facade of buildings into energy sources for heating, cooling and hot water. Using novel aluminium building-skin panels with in-built heat absorption properties and electrical generation.


FLINT Heat Mats can be incorporated into modular roofing panel products designed for new build and retro-fit residential and commercial buildings.


The Energy Roof Panels can be designed to fit into existing building frame systems for ease of integration and installation, they can also be designed and sold as a complete-roof solution or a part-roof modular solution.


The technology has now been tested and proven









How it works


• The Flint heat mat absorbs heat from the air


• Fluid in the heat exchanger removes the heat from the panels


• Heat transfer provides both heating & hot water


• Heat mats are made from extruded aluminium incorporating heat pipe channels


• They have been successfully extruded up to 400mm wide by 4000mm (4metres) long


• Photovoltaic (PV) cells can be fixed to the surface of the panels


• The Flint panels can absorb any heat produced by the PV cells


• Silicon PV cells perform more efficiently with the cooler panel by 10-20%

20 x FLINT Energy Roof panels (400mmx4000mm)
on roof test-rig at BRE Watford, UK


Panels generate hot water and are coated with PV for electricity